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Gothic Stone Restoration


Our Masonry Artisans furnish a comprehensive range of skills for clients who require exacting technical craftsmanship for restoration projects throughout the eastern United States:

Stone Restoration, Patching and Epoxy Repair We repair any building stone by patching or by introducing elements carved from the stone, called "dutchmen", into the damaged area and setting with epoxy.

Stone Carvings by Expert Carver We furnish faithful reproductions of existing historic stone work or architectural stone carved to artist's renderings.

Stone Fabrication and Procurement
We can duplicate diverse architectural elements in stone and procure any suitable stone for historic restoration or for new work.

Terracotta Restoration and Repair  We patch damaged terracotta building elements and restore their original finish. We can also reproduce damaged or missing units.

Stone Resurfacing and Mechanical Refinishing The life of historic stone surfaces can be extended and the appearance renewed by honing the outer surface to a level, sealed finish.

Ornamental Plaster Restoration  Damaged decorative or ornamental plaster elements, including ceiling details, moldings, cornices and egg and dart moldings, can be repaired in place or exactly reproduced.

Sculpture Restoration and Conservation  Repair of damaged historic sculpture in stone and metal is a specialty.

Church Restoration  Restoration and reproduction of detailed architectural elements in stone, plaster, terazzo, mosaic and other fine materials is typical of our church restoration work.

Retaining Walls Construction or restoration of exterior stone stairs and retaining walls.

Mold Making. Custom Casting  We can duplicate fine custom cast details with custom made permanent or waste molds of plaster, silicon rubber, gelatin, plasticine or clay.

Marble Polishing and Resurfacing  Honing and polishing a marble or stone floor surface can prevent wear damage and extend its life.

Metal Restoration  Preservation, restoration and repair of metal surfaces is often part of the scope of our architectural work.

Mosaic Restoration  We restore or reproduce, as necessary, damaged glass and stone mosaics.

Stone Engraving  Decorative stone engraving adds a aesthetically satisfying and utilitarian design element to a granite floor.

Stone Sculptor, Artistry in Stone Sculpture Sculpted friezes, bas-reliefs, and carvings. Original sculptural designs for interiors and exteriors, public art or private collections.

Gothic Stone Restoration, Inc.
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Robert Young,  Master Artisan
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